This seem to be the theme for the first part of September.  The good news is that Saturn has now gone into direct motion.  Its retrograde motion has brought up a lot of blockages and restrictions which is why we have been feeling like we are taking one step forward and two back.  It will however take a few weeks for Saturn to get moving at normal speed and therefore you need to hold on to your patience especially with Mercury in retrograde.


While Mercury’s retrograde finishes on 5th September its after effect will continue for a couple of weeks so September will still hold some challenges.  By working with Ascended Masters and crystals we can navigate this time and uncover our hidden strengths and gifts.


Call on Ganesh the deity who removes obstacles and encourage prosperity and wisdom. He shows us that all barriers in our paths are self-imposed.  They represent our decision to be afraid of moving forward.  By casting our fear outward, we project thoughts into the future and this creates our reality.  Ganesh will help you burst the balloons of any negative illusions and help you manifest a brighter future.


I would also meditate and work with Hematite its Protective Fire; burns away worthless desires and allows one to focus on realistic pursuits. Creates an unshakable sense of self, enhances the creative flow. Hematite also aids awareness, hearing and general receptivity to vibrations. It increases degrees of alertness and vigilance. It’s protective and grounding of electrical and energised currents. Also aids blood flow and strengthens the blood and muscle tissue. Calms nerves, increases self-esteem. Providing an all-round feeling of strength and security.


Using Crystals for our emotional and physical well-being is one of the topics we cover in our Crystal Course.  Or if you are curious about how ascended masters can help you through the struggles of everyday life, our Psychic development class is the right course for you. Both courses start this month details are on  you can also contact me on 0872945836 if you need more information  . Have a wonderful, magic September.



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