Working with Crystals – A deeper Understanding


Are you on a journey of self discovery?  Weather you are just starting your journey or would like to deepen your understanding of self, then working with Crystals, Guides and Crystal Divas this course was designed with you in mind and could be just what you are looking for.


On this 2 day workshop you will learn how to work with the Earths energy to explore the Self using Crystals.


On Day 1 Saturday  you will learn how to


Connect with your guides and crystal divas using the heartlink process

Develop a method to dialogue with guides and crystal divas

Select the right crystal for you and how to cleanse and charge it

Journey into your crystal for knowledge and healing

Choose and work with a Chakra Layout to cleanse and balance your Chakra System

Understand the basic principles of choosing and laying crystals for grids

Creating crystal grids for your home and using crystals to promote specific energy within each room

Crystal grids for meditation

Set and work with an Amazonite net to release skills hidden deep within our genetic memory

Creating a healing grid to balance the Heart's energies

Use of cosmic crystals to enhance your grids



Day 2   is open to people who have completed day 1 or have already been working with crystals and energy.  The focus will be the Atlantean use of crystals and tocpics covered will include:


Identify and work with Master Crystals

Experience an Atlantean meditation using crystals to activate and develop the higher chakras

Journey  and healing with Shadow quartz

Use Crystals to to acknowledge one’s shadow and to allow any negative memories, experiences or projections to surface to allow for clearing and deeper understanding of the self.

Use of  smoky quartz to enhance one’s ability to focus and bring mental clarity.

Integration of the shadow




€190 for both days.

Time 10.30 am – 5 pm



Class times

and locations


The Crystal Cave