Whitby Jet is an excellent protection stone, very useful to have with you if you are in the presence of “energy vampires”,


 Most jaspers are linked to the fire element. You will often read of agates being assigned to fire, mars, strength, physical well being and protection. Picture Jasper is different. Its as much air and it is fire, and it is earth. Picture jasper is linked to ideas, invention, expanded creativity, design, meditation, visions and travel; all that opens the mind. In addition this jasper is also linked to the realm for the ancient ascended masters, so teaching is also part so stones gift. The fire and earth of the crystal also provide a means of employing the ideas and grounding them. The stone also soaks up negativity, dissipates electrical energy, grounds, protects and cleanses the skin of toxin.

Red Jasper

The energy of this stone is akin to taking a slow deep breath, on a bright sunny warm morning, filling the user with a positive outlook, oxygenating the blood, and energising body. Its the most assigned stone to the root chakra and for good reason; red Jasper is all about vitality, exuberance & physical well being.


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