Danburite The 'Stone of the Crossing', holding an almost electric energy, Danburite work's as fast as lightning, this stone is a key to the crossing over of inner being to the world of light.


Datolite,The ‘Stone of the ‘Conscious’, takes one on journey of discovery into the different areas of the mind, body and spirit, while encouraging one to be conscious to oneself, and to surrounding existence.


The frequency of Diopside connects to the Earth Star, base and heart chakras. It opens the Earth Star, base and heart chakras so that the "Light" energy of one's heart centre can be grounded to the "heart" of Mother Earth


Dioptase The 'Stone of Security', a beautiful stone that will offer security to those who feel abandoned or alone.


Dravite The ‘Scholars Stone’, encourages the ultimate use of intelligence, stimulates the brain to interpret, focus on, and store knowledge and data.

Dream Quartz

Dream Quartz emanates a soft, soothing energy, conducive to states of deep meditation and lucid dreaming. These stones can help bring peace to the heart and relaxation to the body and mind.


Yellow Danburite

Yellow Danburite is a very spiritual stone that carries a pure vibration. It is excellent for relief of stress and worry.





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