Actinolite will manifest your life's purposefulness on this our earthly plane


Adularia is also known as moonstone because of its softly glowing luster. Adularia is a stone of balance and flow. It resonates with the moon and tides and is thought of as a feminine, goddess stone.


Aegirine will empower your quest of self. It facilitates our truth in important ways. It enables one to do what is in the heart, and the required steps-to be who we are!


The ‘Stone of Equilibrium’, helps to bring forth an equal balance and soothing, throughout the physical and soul self.


Afghanite stimulates psychic vision and insights.


Alabaster supports forgiveness, and may also be used to energise other stones.

Almandine Garnet

Almandine Garnet can inspire us during times of contemplation, giving us peace and balancing the time needed for solitude.


Amazonite represents prosperity. A gentle friendly, calming, soothing stone, which opens throat, heart, and solar plexus Chakra.


"The Prophet Stone".


Ametrine The ‘Stone of Spiritual Wisdom, holding a beautiful, mesmerizing and spiritual energy, Ametrine is a true and enlightened gift to all.


Ammonite Some ammonite fossils bear intricate patterned details on their outer surface called Sutures.

Ammonite halfs

Ammonites that have been cut and polished to reveal the fossilized internal chambers of the prehistoric cephalopod.

Amorite Chalcedony Rose

The 'Stone of Hope', brings encouragement for the being to keep moving forward through life, to not let go of dreams, and to have faith.


Anandalite is among the most powerful stones for Light Body activation and awakening the dormant potentials of both one’s physical body and one’s consciousness.


Ancestralite is an amazing stone that helps us to reframe the past and heal the family tree.

Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite

Anhydrite facilitates strength on the physical plane and allows one the understanding that the physical body is transient.

Apache Tears

Apache Tears are a type of black Obsidian however they have a more friendly vibration than some of the other types of Obsidian. Maybe it is their strange out-of-shape appearance that makes you comfortable with them.


The 'Stone of Vision', this beautiful stone is able to open the third eye and greatly increase the second sight abilities.


Aquamarine releases anxiety and fear, helps relaxation on long journeys, gives insight and perception when dealing with people. And controls fluid retention, coughs, fear, thymus gland, calms nerves, problems with eyes, ears, jaw, neck, stomach, teeth, mental clarity, meditation and also gives protection.

Aragonite Sputnik

Aragonite is a stabilising stone that centres and grounds physical energies.


A rare mineral that is valued for opening the third eye, boosting visualisation and spiritual connection, restoring spiritual trust. It is used for elimination, removing fear, cleansing the kidneys, healing the thyroid gland.


Axinite are heavy-duty grounding stones, bringing up energy from the earth chakra into the body. This energy increases your vigor and endurance.


The 'Stone of Indigo', this stone holds very good qualities relating to the memory, communications and Indigo children.

Black Amber

Black Amber is it associated with safety and security, it is a powerfully protective stone.

Black Indian Amethyst

Black Indian Amethyst is emotionally grounding, it works to very deep levels and breaks through dense blockages. It is a excellent crystal for healers who are burnt out and need to rejuvenate themselves.

Brandenberg Amethyst

Brandenberg Quartz is an amazing mixture of stones (Amethyst, Citrine, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz & Cacoxanite,)

Lilac Apatite

Apatite is a stone to sooth fear and to protect one against being targeted by anger.

Quartz var Amethyst Veracruz

Quartz var Amethyst from the Veracruz, Mexico locality

Red Tipped Amethyst

Red Tipped Amethyst combines the properties of Amethyst and Red Hematite. The Amethyst core has Red Hematite growing over it, this produces the dark red colour thus the name Red Tipped Amethyst.

Yellow Apatite

Yellow apatite The ‘Stone of Harmony’, holding pure and protective energy that is wholey soothing, calming and harmonizing.

Pink Albite

Pink Albite will encourage you to develop the qualities of tact and cooperation thus helping the flow in relationships.

Neon Blue Apatite

Apatite helps creativity, ease apathy, sorrow, and anger.

Purple Apatite

Purple Apatite promotes clairvoyance and can be used to make a relationship with past-life events and what they mean.



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