Introduction to Crystal Workshop

One of the most valuable tools that can be learnt is the art of attunement to a crystal - to one's self - to another.  On this one day introduction to Crystals workshop you will learn how to:

Connect with your guides and crystal divas using the heartlink process

Develop a method to dialogue with guides and crystal divas

Select the right crystal for you and how to cleanse and charge it

Journey into your crystal for knowledge and healing

Choose and work with a Chakra Layout to cleans and balance your Chakra System


Each class will cost €95 Early Bird offer €80 if deposit €40 paid 2 weeks before class starts (keep this cost structure for all workshops)


The following are all follow-up courses. The cost is the same for each.


 Crystal workshop: Channeling Crystals

In this workshop we will begin to explore working with Master Crystals.  The focus of this one day event will be identifying and working with Channeling Crystals.  Topics covered will include:

Identifying , cleansing and charging your channeling crystal

Journeying into and exploring your crystal

Using your crystal to obtain information from deep within yourself

using your crystal to connect with and channel information from your spirit team.

We will also be exploring centering, grounding and protecting your energy when expanding your awareness beyond the normal realm.



Crystal Workshop: Developing and working with Crystal Grids:


Crystal grids can be used for many different reasons weather your looking to create feeling in your home or a healing for yourself and others this workshop is for you.  On this course the topics covered are:

The basic principals of choosing and laying crystals for grids

Creating crystal grids for you home and using crystals to promote specific energy within each room

Crystal grids for meditation

Setting and working with an Amazonite net to release skills hidden deep within our genetic memory

Creating a healing grid to balance the Heart's energies

Use of cosmic crystals to enhance your grids




Crystal workshop: Time Bridging


On this workshop we will continue our exploration of the Master crystals.  We will be learning how to identify and work with Time line or time link Crystals.  They can be used to access information from the past and future and help to dissolve the illusion of linear time.  Topics covered will include:


Past life Therapy/Recall

Future life Therapy/Recall

Healing Layouts

Time Reversal

Pre-Birth purpose




Crystal workshop: Crystal Wands


On this workshop we will continue our exploration of the Master crystals.  We will be learning how to identify and work with Laser wands.  In addition to this we will also be learning how to work with various different types of wands.  Topics covered include:


Types of Crystal wands

Controlling the Healing Laser

Using wands to Clear Chakras

Cleansing and charging multi-dimensional Channels using wands

Removing negative thought patterns using wands




Crystal workshop: Manifestation


On this workshop we will continue our exploration of the Master crystals.  We will be learning how to identify and work with Window Crystals.   We will be using these to open a window into our future with a view to manifestation.  Topics covered include:


Working with Window Crystals

Using Crystals to identify and clear blocks to manifestation

Use of crystal to to plot a time line for manifestation

Use of crystals to download additional information needed to manifest




Crystal Workshop: Shadow work


Shadow Work, simply put, is the process of self-discovery or the recovery of the darker, more hidden aspects of one’s psyche.  This workshop will be an individual exploration of your shadow side.  Throughout the day we will be learning how to use shadow quartz and other crystals to clear and understand our shadow side.  In doing this we can transform the shadow and integrate it into the whole.  Topics covered will include:


Journey  and healing with Shadow quartz

Use of Crystals to to acknowledge one’s shadow and to allow any negative memories, experiences or projections to surface

Use of  smoky quartz to enhance one’s ability to focus and bring mental clarity.

Integration of the shadow




Crystal Workshop: Making and using a Crystal Healing Wheel


On this workshop we will be able to enjoy a day of fun and creativety as we make and learn how to use our own Crystal Healing Wheel.   This crystal healing wheel can be used to determine where your ailment lies, its cause and how to treat it by using crystals.  Topics covered will include:


Creating and making your Crystal Healing Wheel

Choosing your personal divination crystal

Preparing your mind

Using your Crystal healing Wheel



These 8 crystal workshop are designed to be stand alone one day classes.  Students are more than welcome to attend these in any order or pick and choose whichever ones feel right to them.  On completion of all 8 a Certificate will be awarded.










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