August and the Shadow

August’s main focus has seen us in the eclipses 2 weeks from Monday 7th. Which means we are in the Shadow. In addition to this we enter Mercury Retro on 13th last until 5th Sept.


Some astrologers say that second half of August is the toughest time of the year …. though this can mean something else as a lot of astrologers do not look into the “higher octave” of astro developments.


Saturn has been challenging us since June and that will continue into October. This alone is affecting lots of people. The higher octave of this is to take care of work, health, and clear/deal with what we   may have been avoided being done so far.


All the “bad” astro stuff is blessings in disguise as long as one knows what to prioritise.


“Mercury Retrograde Can be a Blessing


The retrograde cycle tends to reveal what is not working properly, and although it can contribute to delays and frustrations, it can also reveal issues that are important to resolve, fix or address.


It is actually a very good time to deal with what has been put on the back burner, or to finish what had already been started much earlier.


It is a good time for reflective and creative writing, inner work, journaling, spiritual work and completing long overdue tasks.


With this in mind my Crystal of the Month has to be Shadow Quartz/Black Phantom Quartz: "Black Phantom Quartz is a useful tool for seeing and integrating one’s personal shadow. The shadow self contains all that has been denied or labelled unacceptable by one’s family, community, culture, and by internalizations in oneself. We are mostly unconscious of our shadows, and keeping the shadow in the unconscious saps one’s life force. Therefore, inner work that brings shadow material to consciousness can free these bound energies for use by the conscious self. Such work also reunites the missing or ‘lost’ parts of the soul, healing the psyche and bringing a deeper sense of wholeness. Using Black Phantom Quartz in meditation, prayer or dream work can assist in the inner doors so this material can be experienced, understood and released.” …


“Carbon-based Black Phantoms are supportive of the physical body and can assist in the physical cleansing and healing which often accompany psychological breakthroughs. It also helps one see the connections between psychological symptoms and physical problems.


To learn how crystals can help you use current energies best to integrate your Shadow contact


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