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Advanced Crystal Healing Workshop

6 Day Course Intensive composing of 3 weekends.
This course is designed to dramatically deepen the active healing connection between the spiritual healer and the crystal kingdom.  It is ideally suited to people already in the holistic healing field as it will enhance all other therapies.  This course is open to anyone who has completed the Introduction workshop or who already has a knowledge of working with subtle energies.
Intuitive Crystal Healing Diagnostics; Working with the pendulum for ideal crystal placement.
Working on a deeper level with the tumblestone crystal for dynamic crystal healing.
Working within the crystalline matrix.
Self-healing methods with advanced crystal techniques.
Receive 4 Crystalline Attunements to enhance the symbiotic relationship between the healer and the crystal devic kingdom.
Sending distant healing with crystal energy.
Building a relationship and interacting with the crystal guardians.
Advanced methods of cleansing the crystalline matrix of the crystals.
Actively integrating crystalline energies.
Repairing the 12-point chakra system with advanced crystal healing techniques.
Cleansing and clearing multi-dimensional meridians with crystal wands.
Receive information channelled from the crystal devas for various crystals.
Removing negative thought patterns.
Repairing organs through Psychic Surgery with the crystal laser wands.
Creating and working with Healing Crystal Grids.
Clairvoyance & Clairsentience techniques to enhance ‘psychic sight’ and ‘psychic sensing’ of what’s happening in the advanced crystal healing session.
Code of Ethics on a professional and spiritual level.
Working with Crystal Elixirs.
Treating physical and emotional conditions with advanced crystal healing.
Please note: Course content is subject to change, much of the techniques and information is channelled so the course content evolves as the healer evolves.
There is a very high standard of training on this course and daily exercises are given to enhance the energetic skills of the crystal healer. Grounding and energetic re-calibration are daily exercises required to strengthen the crystal healer’s chakra system and aura to channel the very high energies of crystal healing. Every course day we will give and receive an advanced crystal healing incorporating the healing techniques learned during the day.
Criteria for completing this course:
20 Case studies (5 clients of 4 sessions) are required for this course.
Cost is €190 per weekend payable by deposit €100 at time of booking and balance due on day 1 of the course.